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Financial Services

Personal Banker

Our Personal Banker helps you check your accounts, analyze spending, and apply for new services, just like you would at your local branch.
Financial Services

Wealth Manager

A wealth manager who can ask you intelligent risk assessment questions, suggest portfolio changes, and track its performance.
Financial Services

ATM Assistant

ATM Assistant helps you find ATMs enroute to a particular destination, and makes sure the ATM has enough cash for you.
Financial Services

Commercial Account

Assists sales teams with their commercial banking customers and suggests relevant products and offers based on their profiles.
Financial Services

Agent Navigator

Agent Navigator helps call center agents deal with critical customer requests such as debt consolidation or policy surrender.

Insurance Shopper

Helps members sift through policy options based on their risk profile and coverage needs, and recommends the appropriate product.

Onboarding Assistant

An assistant that helps members quickly finish onboarding, find in-network physicians, and better understand their plan coverage.

Beauty Advisor

Beauty Advisor provides you intelligent beauty tips and suggestions based on your preferences.

Personal Shopper

Personal shopper works with lots of customers, remembers their tastes, and suggests the appropriate impulse buys.

Warranty Advisor

Warranty Advisor knows your purchase history and provides coverage and repair information.

In-store Assistant

Assists retail sales associates interacting with customers and minimizes their time behind workstations.

Training Advisor

Helps each employee gain job-specific skills and monitor their individual progress.

Scheduling Assistant

Assists patients in scheduling appointments and reminds them of pre-appointment and post-appointment actions.

Referral Manager

Referral Manager helps community physicians quickly refer new patients to the hospital and deliver seamless post-operative care.

Recharge Assistant

Recharge Assistant suggests the best mobile recharge plan for you based on your usage, and answers any follow-up questions.


Troubleshoots internet and email problems by walking you through diagnostic steps. Connects to a live agent if needed.



Smarter bots, smarter business

Learn about Avaamo’s conversational AI capabilities and how enterprises can leverage Avaamo’s conversational AI platform to accelerate growth.

Conversational Banking

Learn how leading banks are getting their conversational strategies right and avoiding the critical pitfalls when deploying their conversational AI platform.

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Conversational AI

5 strategies to introduce AI chatbots for enhanced customer experience.

Drive ROI & Productivity in Insurance

Learn how Conversational AI is delivering bottom line results.

Using Conversational AI for a Smarter Service Desk

Service desk automation is a low-risk, high-value way to pilot conversational AI in the enterprise.

Redesign Your Interactions

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