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Avaamo customers use our insurance chatbots to increase efficiency across the insurance value chain in healthcare, property, casualty and underwriting.
The benefits of conversational AI in insurance

Automated Advisory

The average patient spends 30 minutes trying to find out the right service that her local hospital can provide, and the average nurse spends 1 hour a day trying to connect to the right doctor. Avaamo is used by leading health systems to facilitate a fully conversational discovery of their services, and enable seamless scheduling for their patients. With similar ease, providers are now able to track specialists, and setup referrals through a single conversation with one of Avaamo’s conversational AI agents.

Claims Management

Instead of worrying about the financial impact of hospital readmission rates, our healthcare customers are proactively engaging their patients with recent in-patient procedures and chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, etc. With a slew of advice ranging from medication reminders and lifestyle changes to mood tracking and wellness program enrollments, our customers are able to drastically increase patient satisfaction and cut down on readmission rates with chatbots in insurance industry.


Members of various employer-based and health exchange-based insurance plans are typically bewildered by the range of coverage exceptions and claims requirements that are present in their policy documents. Avaamo’s coverage advisory services are helping healthcare payors and providers by providing members a simple and quick way of checking their existing coverage, filing for claims, and tracking the status of their claims. And Avaamo is also helping doctors and physicians simplify the pre-authorizations and billing enquiries.


Conversational AI-based virtual assistant streamlines claims processing, risk management and administrative tasks

Conversational AI in action:

Insurance Shopper

Insurance bot helps members sift through policy options based on their risk profile and coverage needs, and recommends the appropriate product.
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Onboarding Assistant

An assistant that helps members quickly finish onboarding, find in-network physicians, and better understand their plan coverage.
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